Mini Meatloaves~ my go to dinner

     Cold season?  All I know is that my oldest had one a week or so ago and then the baby and now it’s my turn.  Ugh, I hate not being able to breathe.  Yet again I hate having a dripping nose.  Tuesday was the sore throat and stuff nose.  Today was the dripping nose.  I was tired and groggy.  The rainning day didn’t help any, so what if I hung out in my pjs until noon.  Like I said it was rainy and I didn’t feel well. 

    Dear daughter arrived home from school and did her homework.  Around four I decided I should start dinner, I really didn’t want to cook……. We will go out to eat!  Ah.. no, I don’t want to leave the house.  The meal plan for today should have been a new stuffed chicken breast recipes I wanted to try out.  Not today.  I need something easy and quick!  Mini meatloaves, fake potatoes, and a can veggie.  Tada.  Whipped it up in no time flat and it’s so easy.

Mini Meatloaves

one package extra lean ground turkey (1.2 pounds?)

box of chicken stuffing

1 cup water

desired seasonings

Heat over to 350.  Spray a 12 muffin pan with cooking spray. Place meat, stuffing, seasonings, and water in bowl and mix all until it is combined.  Place mixture into the muffin pan and bake for 25-30 minutes.


My family LOVES these.  My oldest daughter is a picky eater too and I am always willing to make something she will eat without fussing.  She even asked for seconds, except for the peas.  Of course. 

Since it makes 12 we often have left overs.  I use the leftovers for meatballs with spaghetti the next night.  Yum. 

(I have pictures for all my post but I am still working on getting them posted.  I hate naked post… there should always be a picture.  There doesn’t always need to be words but there needs to be at least a picture.)


Pumpkin Custard

Hubby will be gone on his birthday so our oldest daughter said that “today should be daddy’s birthday.” Good idea. So we were going to surprise him but he wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for lunch so we went. He was going to order dessert and our daughter looked at me like don’t let him. We were discussing the whole dessert and “surprise party.” He was going to order their pumpkin custard, I said I would make that for him on his “birthday.” Off to Wal-Mart I went while he went looking for a Starbucks. With phone in hand I found a pumpkin custard that I thought sounded delicious. The recipe for pumpkin custard was easy and I just put it in the frig. Hubby and I had a little taste while it was still slightly warm. YUM! The recipe also included a Masarpone Cream, which I also made to top it off.

The custard turned out prefect.  My daughter, the picky eater had seconds and still wanted more.  I will be making this again in the future.  It was a perfect day to make a fall dessert, it actually felt like fall.

Composing Crock

The day was spent running errands and a little fun time at the thrift store.  I love the thrift store.  My favorite thrift store is here in Virginia, even after six years.  While living in Michigan I thought it would be neat to have a composing crock.  I have been researching ways to be earth friendly and money saving idea.  A composing crock that I was looking at was running $30.  No way was I paying that kind of money.  Today while we were at the thirft store I found the same composing crock for $4, the handle was missing but I think I can live without the handle or make a new one.  As we are driving home I say to my husband, “How am I going to use this now?”  We are living in the city in a little lot that has one small tree and we rent so there will be no pile or digging alllowed.  I read this article and do not see a way that looks like it will work for us.  I will do some more research and see if I can think of something, maybe a composing pile near by.

While living in Michigan I was also looking at possibly getting a rain barrel after moving.  Since we are renting I don’t know of a way that we could collect the rain without cutting or putting holes in the downspout.  These are two things I was interesting in doing but am looking for ways to still make it possible.

East Beach Ultimate Beach House~ Coast Living

I am so excited…. today I toured the Coastal Living Ultimate Beach house in Norfolk.  I took hundreds of pictures BUT I was told that I am not allowed to publish any photos of the house until the magazine comes out.  SO I have been watching for it in the stores…  Until then here is a photo of my baby enjoying the beach nearby.  I was excited to tour the house because I love house tours and also because when I first moved to Virigina years ago to live with my hubby we didn’t live too far away from where this house was built.

Southern Home Coming~ Our New Home

Southern Home

Coming home to our own place after living with family for eight full months is a little stressful when you are moving out of state, Michigan to Virginia. We also had the stress of my husband is deployed and our belongs were in storage in California. The husband is currently home and the household goods are packing and waiting to be shipped. The current estimated time of arrival…. September 19th. I will say that I am praying this date changes because I have already been staying in the house with what we brought for over three weeks. We purchased a mattress and a table and chairs, plus a few other things. I am dreaming of laying on my comfy, cozy couch and watching tv covered up with a blanket and sipping some tasty drink. I am also excited to get my frig, washer, and dryer. Going to the laundromat twice a week with two kids for the last three weeks is not my idea of fun. Neither is eating out everyday because I only have a mini frig to store food in for three, now four people. I am looking forward to cooking up tasty dinners, yummy desserts, preparing meals ahead of time, washing clothes at my own house, and relaxing in my own home. I share my unpacking, organizing adventure with you.