Composing Crock

The day was spent running errands and a little fun time at the thrift store.  I love the thrift store.  My favorite thrift store is here in Virginia, even after six years.  While living in Michigan I thought it would be neat to have a composing crock.  I have been researching ways to be earth friendly and money saving idea.  A composing crock that I was looking at was running $30.  No way was I paying that kind of money.  Today while we were at the thirft store I found the same composing crock for $4, the handle was missing but I think I can live without the handle or make a new one.  As we are driving home I say to my husband, “How am I going to use this now?”  We are living in the city in a little lot that has one small tree and we rent so there will be no pile or digging alllowed.  I read this article and do not see a way that looks like it will work for us.  I will do some more research and see if I can think of something, maybe a composing pile near by.

While living in Michigan I was also looking at possibly getting a rain barrel after moving.  Since we are renting I don’t know of a way that we could collect the rain without cutting or putting holes in the downspout.  These are two things I was interesting in doing but am looking for ways to still make it possible.


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