Southern Home Coming~ Our New Home

Southern Home

Coming home to our own place after living with family for eight full months is a little stressful when you are moving out of state, Michigan to Virginia. We also had the stress of my husband is deployed and our belongs were in storage in California. The husband is currently home and the household goods are packing and waiting to be shipped. The current estimated time of arrival…. September 19th. I will say that I am praying this date changes because I have already been staying in the house with what we brought for over three weeks. We purchased a mattress and a table and chairs, plus a few other things. I am dreaming of laying on my comfy, cozy couch and watching tv covered up with a blanket and sipping some tasty drink. I am also excited to get my frig, washer, and dryer. Going to the laundromat twice a week with two kids for the last three weeks is not my idea of fun. Neither is eating out everyday because I only have a mini frig to store food in for three, now four people. I am looking forward to cooking up tasty dinners, yummy desserts, preparing meals ahead of time, washing clothes at my own house, and relaxing in my own home. I share my unpacking, organizing adventure with you.